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David, the owner has been to Spain 10 different times in his life. His entire Father's side of the family lives in the Basque region (northern Spain) near San Sebastian. Although Paella hails from Southern Spain, he aims to master Paella with custom made equipment in a Basque version of cooking that is "slow and low". With detailed direction and a team of chefs learning his traditional styles, San Diego Paella is a premier catering group in Southern California.


San Diego Paella is a perfect fit for any celebration or event, "In California we have deep rooted Spanish history from city and street names to architecture, yet we seem to lack a well known and appetizing Spanish dish. San Diego Paella caters Paella as something affordable, authentic and memorable for any event. Paella has its own magic of bringing people together and having a good time."

A true Paella is cooked with a caramelized bottom of the rice (not burning the rice, nor making it too "soupy") that fuses all the wonderful flavors together. We slowly cook the broth and renders the tantalizing flavors to make sure our whole grain rice is like no other you have ever tried, along with a variety of quality ingredients. We are willing to put our Paellas up against any others cooked here or in Spain. We would be honored to be a part of your event.

AWESOME! SD Paella was so impressive for my boyfriend's promotion party! We had about 80 people at our home and they cooked in our backyard. The chefs explained the cooking process while they showed us their culinary skills. The PAELLA was INCREDIBLE! We highly recommend them. - Mindy Waldecker



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