Menu & Pricing


Menu & Pricing


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Q: Does San Diego Paella cook all Paellas on-site?


A: Yes, all Paellas are cooked outdoors and on-site. Deliveries are available too.


Q: How long does it take to cook your Paella?


A: Our Paellas cook for over 1.5. Plan on us arriving 2.5 hours ahead of your anticipated serving time to begin set up.


Q: How much time notice do I need to give San Diego Paella to reserve an available date?


A: We appreciate at least six week notice. At times we may have ability on shorter notice, depending on our schedule. Please contact us for more details.


Q: Is a deposit required to reserve a date?


A: Yes, a 10% non-refundable deposit is required toward the final bill to reserve a date.


Q: How are the Paellas served?


A: They are served buffet style with a chef serving each plate out of the Paella pan. After the last plate is served, all Paella leftovers are put in a serving dish for guests to help themselves.


Q: Does San Diego Paella bring all the cooking equipment?


A: Yes, San Diego Paella is self contained and provides all cooking and serving equipment. We bring the tables for the cooking stations as well for the salad and bread. They are draped with black linens. We do not need electricity access.


Q: Does your price include plates and utensils?


A: It is up to the host or party to provide the plates and utensils. We can provide plates and utensils for additional charges depending on the type you are seeking.


Q: Is gratuity added to the bill?


A: Gratuity for the chef is left at your discretion.


Q: What other services do you provide?


A: We can assist with staffing and event rentals as well.


Q: What other areas do you service?


A: We also serve Orange County Paella Catering and Los Angeles Paella Catering.


Paella is becoming more and more popular as a festive, gourmet and colorful dish. It originated in a coastal town of Southern Spain over 200 years ago. It is traditionally known as a rice dish with shellfish cooked in olive oil, saffron, tomatoes, onions and other great seasonings. Now throughout Spain it is becoming progressive to also put in a variety of ingredients to the host's or chef's liking. As long as the saffron, olive oil, rice and artistry is felt, Paella is left to the imagination.

I have used David (San Diego Paella) for several years and many important occasions. David has always been delightful to work with, definitely affordable, on time and the quality and taste of his Paella is fabulous! - Carole S.



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